Dead Sea
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The Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth (410 Meters below Sea level), has been celebrated for thousands of years for its high concentration of minerals that include silica calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, alumina, bromide and others. Many studies have proven beyond all doubt the efficacy of the minerals in treating and preventing various diseases such as psoriasis, acne and rheumatism. In addition, regular use of Dead Sea products will enhance your skins vitality, freshness and flexibility.

To reach this unique spot, visitors enjoy a short 30-minute drive from Amman (the capital of Jordan), surrounded by a landscape of arid hills, which could be from another planet. En route, a stone marker indicates "Sea Level", but the Dead Sea itself is not reached before descending another 400 meters below this sign.

Dead Sea salt

Dead Sea salt refers to salt extracted or taken from the Dead Sea. It is a popular ingredient of many common bath products including bath salts, salt scrubs, foot scrubs, body wraps, bath bombs, soaps, and a wide variety of other cosmetic products, including makeup.

The Dead Sea is popular with tourists from all over the world for its reputed therapeutic effects. The water of the Dead Sea is unique, as it has ten times the salt content of other sea water. This allows anyone to easily float on Dead Sea water because of its greater density. Its mineral composition is also different from ocean water since only 12-18% of Dead Sea salt is sodium chloride. A 2006 analysis of a commercial Dead Sea Salt product measured 2.5% a sodium chloride content - by comparison, 97% of the salt in normal ocean water is sodium chloride.


The Dead Sea's mineral composition differs from that of ocean water, varying with season, rainfall, depth, and temperature. In particular, the salt in most oceans is approximately 97% sodium chloride while Dead Sea salt is only 12-18% sodium chloride and has vastly greater concentrations of other salts[.An analysis of major ion concentrations in the water of the Dead Sea gave the following results.

Major ions of Dead Sea water

Chloride and Bromide
Concentration (mg/L)
The Dead Sea's overall salt concentration is 340 g/L.

On the other hand, the compounds used in retail Dead Sea salt are obtained from the mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea. Runoff streams flowing into the Dead Sea brought in large deposits of this gray-black mud during the Holocene era. An analysis by Dr. Olga Yoffe at the Geological Survey in Jerusalem determined the major minerals present in this mud.

Minerals of Dead Sea mud

Silicon dioxide
Calcium oxide
Aluminum oxide
Magnesium oxide
Iron(III) oxide
Sodium oxide
Potassium oxide
Titanium(IV) oxide
Sulfur trioxide
Phosphorus pentoxide
Content (percentage)
Research and Studies

Studies and research were done focused on establishing the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea salts. Proksch E, Nissen HP, Bremgartner M, and Urquhart C from the University of Kiel's Department of Dermatology in Germany have made certain examinations of the effectiveness of bathing from magnesium chloride rich waters from the Dead Sea. Tests from volunteers showed that bathing in the salt solution improved skin barrier function and reduced skin roughness and inflammation, among other things. They suggested that the positive effects of bathing in the salt solution were most likely related to its high magnesium content.

More recent research about Dead Sea salt is its effects on patients suffering from psoriasis. Dr. J. Arndt made a study on fifty patients aged between 14 and 77 years old who were treated with Dead Sea salts. The baths are controlled and the skin were thoroughly rinsed with running water. Patients were treated with 3-4 baths per week for 3 weeks . Results show that majority of the symptoms have significantly diminished within the first week of treatment. Steady improvements were observed in the following weeks. The most important noted relief is from the itching associated with psoriasis. Relief from sleeping disturbances were also noted. More than half (54%) of the patients were totally healed while 22 cases marked impressive improvements.

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